ENGLISH Dante Gebel #681 | Game of Thrones

The world is tired of Christians who claim to know the right doctrine and moral values, and yet are graceless. Misunderstanding spirituality produces conceited, self-righteous, and insensitive people. True spirituality is reflected in a life of joy, simplicity, worship, gratitude, service, humility, courage, truth, and above all… love. Thus, if we’re serious about loving God, […]

Dante Gebel #681 | Game of Thrones (Juego de tronos)

El mundo está cansado de cristianos que proclaman conocer la doctrina correcta y que están comprometidos con los valores correctos, pero en quienes no hay gracia alguna. Comprender mal la espiritualidad produce gente presumida, farisaica e insensible. La verdadera espiritualidad se refleja en una vida de gozo, sencillez, adoración, gratitud, servicio, humildad, valentía y verdad. […]

ENGLISH Dante Gebel #680 | Sacred Cows

There are many ‘sacred cows’ roaming freely in churches, never objected to, never questioned, and simply revered by those forced to live with them. That is why today we must reflect on the reason behind every action we take in our churches. Just as Hezekiah smashed the bronze serpent of Moses, we must be courageous […]