Evan Craft – Reborn (Acoustic) Lyric Video

Official Lyric Video for “REBORN” (Acoustic) by Evan Craft. “Reborn” is available now everywhere you listen to music: https://evancraft.lnk.to/desesperadoreborn Share this video with a friend, “Like it” and leave me a comment so I can know if it was a blessing for your life. – Watch all my videos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9xXhybPk2q8&list=PL9Vz_Iex_7IPPPV2PCyd-X-SfU6ojx6Bb&index=1 – Subscribe to my YouTube […]

ENGLISH Dante Gebel #681 | Game of Thrones

The world is tired of Christians who claim to know the right doctrine and moral values, and yet are graceless. Misunderstanding spirituality produces conceited, self-righteous, and insensitive people. True spirituality is reflected in a life of joy, simplicity, worship, gratitude, service, humility, courage, truth, and above all… love. Thus, if we’re serious about loving God, […]

Dante Gebel #681 | Game of Thrones (Juego de tronos)

El mundo está cansado de cristianos que proclaman conocer la doctrina correcta y que están comprometidos con los valores correctos, pero en quienes no hay gracia alguna. Comprender mal la espiritualidad produce gente presumida, farisaica e insensible. La verdadera espiritualidad se refleja en una vida de gozo, sencillez, adoración, gratitud, servicio, humildad, valentía y verdad. […]