Reach Records x Illuminations 12 Verse Challenge

What if the whole bible could be translated for every people group and language on the planet by 2033?

You can partner with Reach to make this come to life. Illuminations is an organization working with the top bible translators in the world to fast track putting God’s word in every hand. With them we are launching the 12 Verse Challenge and if just 1% of Christians would fund translating 12 bible verses then our work will be complete. Not only does the 12 Verse Challenge mean becoming a part of this life-changing mission, but Reach is rewarding all givers with exclusive, limited time products hand-picked by our staff and artists! Over the next few months, we’ll launch 116 flash rewards to incentivize our community to take part (think exclusive vinyl, merch, signed giveaways, etc.). Sign up today to lock in the first reward which will be announced on Monday. Don’t miss the chance to play a part in spreading the gospel to every corner of the Earth.

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