116 x DeadBuryDead Collection (Lookbook)


116 x DeadBuryDead Collection Overview:

· Only 6 Exclusive items are being produced for 116 x DeadBuryDead Collection

· Each item will be a limited run of only 116 per item

· Secret street date in the month of 1/16 to be announced hours prior to password lockdown

· Limited window to purchase after lockdown

· The only way to purchase collection is to use the password we send

If you’re able to purchase one of the 696 items available for the 116 x DeadBuryDead Collection, these are some of the perks:

· First off, you will be the owner of the best apparel collection 116 has ever created, congrats!

· Second, you will get 10% off on all 116 purchases of regular-priced items for all of 2016.

· Third, you be the first to know of exclusive drops, back-in-stock notifications, and all insider news from 116.

Head over to http://reachrecords.com/deadburydead to sign up!


In celebration of January 2016 [01/16], we are dropping our first collection of the new year. 116 has collaborated with DeadBuryDead to launch an extremely limited and exclusive LA made collection that will give you, the movement of the unashamed, a small glimpse into the future of 116.

On an undisclosed day this month, the Reach Records / 116 online storefront will be locked down and password protected. To even have a chance at getting your hands on the collection, you’ll have to be on the Reach/116 mailing list, and you’ll have to watch closely. When the timing is right, a password will get dropped into inboxes of the 116 movement giving them full access.

Once we lock down the store, email subscribers will have a limited window to browse and purchase from the 6 piece collection. For most, simply getting access won’t be enough, as each piece is limited to 116 units, making this collaborative line truly limited.

As an additional perk, every 116 x DeadBuryDead Collection purchaser that moves quick enough to grab one of these limited pieces will be given VIP account status, earning them 10% off all 116 apparel for the rest of 2016.

Go check your inbox. You might have already missed it.

Music: Sojourn Music – Death Has Lost Its Sting

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